Friday, October 27, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Hillary's Dossier

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Hillary's Dossier: Scott Johnson
Hillary: Of Course I Had No Idea We Paid For Russia Dossier We Paid For: Katie Pavlich
FBI Lifts Gag Order on Uranium One Informant: Ian Mason

Hillary, Podesta, Wassermann-Slutz Paid for Dossier But Knew Nothing About It: Sara Noble
Levin: "Democrats, you were in bed with the Kremlin": Chris Pandolfo
Cruz Tells Republicans To ‘Shut Up And Do Your Job’ Instead Of Slinging Mud: Frank Camp

FBI Informant: Obama Admin Threatened Me And My Career: Chuck Ross
WSJ Editorial Board Calls on Robert Mueller to Resign from Russia Probe: Adam Shaw
California: Proof That Everything The Liberals Run Turns Into Sh*t: Joe Messina

Uranium One: Will Justice be Done?: J. Robert Smith
Trump Expanding Government’s Secret Deportation Weapon Or Something: RWN
Bump Stock Ban Fails in Deep-Blue Illinois: AWR Hawkins


Sad day for Paul Ryan? Trump sacks IRS Commissioner John Koskinen: BLP
GOP Amnesty Plan Nixes E-Verify, Allows Employers to Continue Hiring Illegals: Breitbart

Scandal Central

The six men who died in search of Bergdahl: Joe Kidd
What Does It Mean When FBI Pays for the DNC, Clinton Campaign Opposition Research?: Sara Noble
DOJ settles IRS targeting lawsuits filed during totally scandal-free Obama admin: Doug Powers


TV Execs Want to Cancel 10 Thursday Night NFL Games to Stop Ratings Crash: Warner Todd Huston
Sebastian Gorka talks Clinton scandals & draining the swamp: John Cardillo
Is a media reckoning looming for Hillary?: Thomas Lifson

Update on the Russia News: The Virginian
New York Times: "What Killed the Promise of Muslim Communism?": Daniel Greenfield
We Either See Justice Now Or Never: Karl Denninger


Now 3 U.S. Carriers Are Operating Near North Korea: TruNews
Welcome Home, ISIS Fighters, All Is Forgiven : ichael Brendan Dougherty
Mike Pence: U.S. Will Direct Humanitarian Programs in Middle East; No More U.N. Funding: Breitbart

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

3D printed food: JPost
Trump Declares Opioids A Public Health Crisis: William Teach
Alexa: WSJ


Another New timeline for Las Vegas massacre: DailyMail
Investigating The Investigators: MOTUS
The One Paragraph From The JFK Assassination Files Changes Everything: TruePundit

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