Sunday, October 01, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Shameful San Juan Mayor Prioritizes Making Puerto Rico Crisis Political

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Shameful San Juan Mayor Prioritizes Making Puerto Rico Crisis Political: Treehouse
Teamsters in PR Use Delivery of Supplies as Contract Leverage: Treehouse
Trump: Critics of Puerto Rico response are 'politically motivated ingrates': Kyle Feldscher

What Protesting NFL Players Don’t Get: Conrad Black
When My President… I Didn’t Take a Knee: Politopinion
Real Sailors and real news about Puerto Rico: DTG

The Marriage Divide: How Working-Class Families Are More Fragile Today: AEI
Assisted suicide laws will pressure poor, elderly, depressed to die: J.J. Hanson
Obama Foundation seeks a 'diversity consultant': Thomas Lifson

No, Trump Didn’t Botch The Puerto Rico Response: William Teach
Puerto Rican Cop: San Juan Mayor Sabotaging Response For Political Reasons: GotNews
8 Really Bad Laws That Went Into Effect Today: Ed Krayewski


Global Retirement Reality: John Mauldin
The Free Lunch Slide into Socialism: Peter Skurkiss
School library displays flag on floor to ‘teach kids,’ district scrambles to apologize: BPR

Scandal Central

Antifa Targeting, Intimidating And Stalking College Republicans: BFT
Yet Another “Movement” for Violent Leftist Kooks: DTG
Robert Mueller Facing Biggest Question Yet: Prosecute a "Cover-Up" Before There’s a Crime?: Chris Smith


Stephen A Smith , WEEI et/all and the Grapes Translated: DTG
Packers' Attempt to Involve Fans In Anthem Demonstration Falls Flat, Most Chant 'USA!' Instead: Breitbart
Comments on NYT Story on Cuban Doctors Revolting over Slave Wages Are Priceless: DTG


'Now Europe understands what Israelis live through': Gary Willig
For first time since WWII, Denmark deploys military troops to protect Jewish synagogue: BNI
North Korea Seen Moving Missiles As US Admits For First Time It Is In "Direct Contact" With Pyongyang: ZH

Suspected IS-linked terrorist stabs police officer before mowing down a crowd of people in Canada: DailyMail
Soros Funded 'Save the Children' NGO Caught Working With Human Traffickers: BNI
Kurdish Referendum: What is the Lowdown?: Amir Taheri

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Meet the Future: BabyX, Virtual Infant That is Eerily Humanlike: Sputnik
U.S. Navy develops stronger lasers: Michel Fabey
Physicists Just Came Up With a Mathematical Model For a Viable Time Machine: Bec Crew

Innovative Affordable Housing Solutions From Brazil: Eduardo Souza
Don’t Look For A Great Idea, Look For A Good Problem: Greg Satell
Ancient Papyrus Finally Solves Egypt's 'Great Pyramid' Mystery: Slashdot


Lance Armstrong, on Eve of Fraud Trial, Looks Back at the Tumultuous End of His Career: RCL
'Living with Lincoln': Rare Portraits of Abraham Lincoln's Family: Beast
How Will You #NonNFL?: MOTUS

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