Wednesday, December 03, 2003

I'm not sure this article isn't a bit out of date, but interesting nonetheless. Debate - .NET V. PHP: Top 10 .NET Myths Exposed.


Ten Things I Disliked About the Indiana/Wake Forest Game

: Young, smaller forwards playing directly behind bruisers like Williams, not fronting, not three-quartering

: A guard-oriented team unable to handle double teams and pressure

: Donald Perry not starting at point

: Having Bracey get beat up with no one physical enough to fight back

: Having the opposing team's walk-ons look respectable against us

: Not being able to get a shot off, or inbound the ball, or bring the ball upcourt...

: Not having George Leach inside on D

: Not having a backup power forward on the roster (and, no, despite the size of his heart, AJ doesn't qualify)

: Not having Tom Coverdale or Kyle Hornsby or Jeff Newton for just a _few_ more games

: Missing out on a sushi dinner to watch this game on my big screen, especially when it's not in HD

I liked the way the team fought and scrapped the whole way, including Roberts' tackle. The refs were directly at fault... as he was protecting Bracey IMO. Bracey took a beating without repurcussion for Wake. Someone needed to take the tussle to the Deacons. (Sign) Where's Sean May when you need him?


Decent - but not great - week in the NFL.

Pick Sprd Opp Result
DET + 7.0 gb W DET 22-14
ne + 4.0 IND W ne 38-34
tb - 3.0 JAX L JAX 17-10
NYJ + 2.5 tn W NYJ 24-17
cle + 6.5 SEA L SEA 34-7
Week: 3-2 Total: 25-13-2

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