Thursday, December 04, 2003

Ten Best Cars

The Infiniti G35 is named one of Car & Driver's 10 Best Cars for 2004. The only surprise is any Audi product making the grade and BMW's long-in-tooth 3-series hanging in there another year. Those were the only two euro-models to make it. Two US cars (Corvette and Focus) with the remainder Japanese. The Accord and S2000 from Honda, the TSX from Acura (way underpowered for my tastes, though nice otherwise), Mazda's RX-8 and the Toyota Prius round out the list.

Survivor Recap

Gawd, that was a terrrrible show. What little action took place revolved around everyone trying to backstab each other in horrible, whispered conversations. John, obviously, was playing everyone. not sure what his end-game strategy will be, since he's hated by the entire jury.

Reward challenge: broken up into random 3-man teams, with John, Lil & Dara winning the swimming-based obstacle course, primarily because the Hispanic girl (can't remember name) can't swim worth a damn and doomed Burton & Christa to failure. The reward was awesome, the three winners got flown to a private island spa with pool, cabana, restaurant, etc. for an overnight stay.

Immunity challenge: had to shoot flintlock-style rifles (shooting flares) at flags to set 'em on fire. Dara won pretty convincingly.

Tribal Council: votes went like this: lil, christa, lil, christa, christa,
christa. John pretty much gets credit for this, swearing "on his
grandmother's grave" that he has an alliance with everyone. no one fully trusts him, but they have no choice since they believe he'll be carried along by the majority for the endgame.

Grade: C-, weak episode.

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