Saturday, December 13, 2003

Please read if you live in Ohio: House Bill 12, as reported by the Conference Committee, is on its way to Governor Bob Taft's desk. No matter what you've heard or read, there is still a chance Taft will NOT veto this legislation. His office is taking calls on the subject. Ohioans For Concealed Carry, the National Rifle Association and the Citizens Committeee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms are calling on the Governor to sign this Act.

The Ohio Senate Voted 25-8 to accept the Conference Committee Report. The Ohio House Voted 70-27 (with 2 no votes) to accept the Conference Committee Report. You can see how your representatives voted on this crucial issue: HB12 Conference Report - How They Voted.

Next step: Governor Taft's phone number is 614-466-3555. Call his office today and politely ask him not to veto HB12.

Why is this important? The current Ohio law governing concealed carry was enacted about one hundred years ago to prohibit minorities (Blacks, Irish, Jews, etc.) from protecting themselves with firearms. It "allows" carrying concealed weapons provided that you are first arrested, charged, brought to trial and found innocent through means of an "affirmative defense" clause. In stark terms, it ensures citizens are found guilty until proven innocent. Any rational, law-abiding citizen is prevented from exercising their right to defend themselves by this plainly unconstitutional law.

As the Ohio constitution reads: the People have the right to bear arms for their defense and security. My take: it is sad and ludicrous that Ohio is one of only six states that does not have a means for allowing lawful concealed carry. Every academic study has shown a decrease in violent crime (and even accidental gun deaths, strange as it may seem) and no state has ever repealed such a law. For the first time ever, Ohio's violent crime rate is higher than Michigan's. Reason: Michigan recently passed a concealed-carry law. Get on the horn and call Governor Taft's office today. Be polite, and ask him not to veto HB12.

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