Sunday, December 07, 2003

An interesting approach to hiring a senior computer scientist/senior developer type... Hiring a Senior Computer Scientist or Programmer. And I'll bet it's one that's effective, too, along the lines of the ThoughtWorks recruiting pipeline.

Anyone considering installers for their software should check out this rant thread from JOS on the trials and tribulations of InstallShield.

At what point do I declare statistical victory over the Vegas point spreads? 28-14-2 is not a bad record at all ;-). Of course, the Bengals didn't quite make the number, but we'll chalk that up to a Levi Jones injury and an infestation of the flu bug within Jon Kitna's massive dome. In all seriousness, Levi Jones' replacement (can't remember his name) at left tackle was unable to control Ravens' speed rushers like Boulware. This led to a complete meltdown as Kitna was blind-sided several times, losing the ball. Kinda underscores the importance of a solid LT.


Pick Sprd Opp Result
GB - 7.0 chi W GB 34-21
PIT - 5.5 oak W PIT 27-7
cin + 4.0 BAL L BAL 31-13
PHI - 5.5 dal W PHI 36-10
Week 3-1, Season: 28-14-2

Pretty funny (and well done) Survivor site...

Think you've got a nice set of wheels? Here's Porsche's $440,000 Carerra GT.


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