Monday, December 15, 2003

The Tale of J. Random Newbie

"Why do programmers reinvent wheels? There are many reasons, reaching all the way from the narrowly technical to the psychology of programmers and the economics of the software production system. The damage from the endemic waste of programming time reaches all these levels as well.

Consider the first, formative job experience of J. Random Newbie, a programmer fresh out of college. Let us assume that he (or she) has been taught the value of code reuse and is brimming with youthful zeal to apply it."

The Tale of J. Random Newbie

Personal Firewalls

From SecurityFocus, a pretty good summary of the choices consumers have for Personal Firewalls.

Blogging from Baghdad

Catch up with our favorite Baghdad resident and his impressions of a certain, famous spider-hole denizen.

Got blown?

Great thread from FreshAlloy, describing a G35 Sedan after adding a factory-approved supercharger: "...I simply wasn't expecting the car to be as fast as it was. The speed at which my sedan now reaches redline in 1st gear is shocking. In fact, the first time I put the pedal to the medal I actually bounced off the rev limiter (OOPS!). It's unbelievable... The best word I can come up with to describe the speed of the car with the supercharger is violent."

A G35 Gets Blown

Mediocre week in the NFL:

Pick Sprd Opp Result
NO - 7.0 nyg W NO 45-7
bal - 7.0 OAK L OAK 20-12
cle +11.5 DEN W DEN 23-20
SD + 5.5 gb L gb 38-21
Week: 2-2, Total: 30-16-2

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