Thursday, January 06, 2005

CNN's Crossfire to be snuffed

Click here for AmazonHugh Hewitt reports the following welcome news, which simply could not happen fast enough. Here's a suggestion for a replacement show: simply find two talented representatives from the left and the right and let them go at it, perhaps with a centrist also represented. Oh, wait, Britt Hume already hosts that show on Fox every night at 6PM. Okay, just forget it.

CNN has announced plans to snuff Crossfire. The Wall Street Journal reports that Crossfire "averages 447,000 viewers each weekday, down 21% from the previous season." I hadn't realized the show had fallen so far. That's the sort of number you get from patients in hospitals who can't change reach the remote and airport lounge prisoners. It wasn't the format that killed the show, it was Begala, who is unwatchable except by the Michael Moore left.

Hugh Hewitt: CNN's Crossfire to be snuffed

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