Monday, January 31, 2005

The Prevaricator

Click here for AmazonI just noticed that Captain Ed recognized something important that had been floating about the comments section of several blogs since John Kerry's appearance on Meet the Press. No, not the hilarious hijinx involving the CIA man and the magic hat (although both were mentioned... seriously). Just consider the following snippet of transcript:

MR. RUSSERT: And you have a hat that the CIA agent gave you?

SEN. KERRY: I still have the hat that he gave me, and I hope the guy would come out of the woodwork and say, "I'm the guy who went up with John Kerry. We delivered weapons to the Khmer Rouge on the coastline of Cambodia [emphasis mine]." We went out of Ha Tien, which is right in Vietnam. We went north up into the border. And I have some photographs of that, and that's what we did. So, you know, the two were jumbled together, but we were on the Cambodian border on Christmas Eve, absolutely.

Ed points out that the Khmer Rouger were Cambodian Communists that devastated the country after the US pulled out:

Why Kerry would think that we ran weapons to the Communists in Cambodia while battling them in Viet Nam is beyond me. It's apparent that he's making this story up as he goes along. Every time he's asked about Christmas in Cambodia, he changes the story. This time, he came up with a name that fits with the subject matter, but he's so clueless that he either didn't know or couldn't remember exactly what the Khmer Rouge were.

It's yet another marker of the dishonesty we've come to expect from the junior senator from Massachusetts. He won't sign the Form 180, either, even with his promise to do so in the same interview. His prevarication has become pathological.

You heard that right. At the end of the program, Kerry promised aaaagain to sign his Form 180 so that all of his records could be released. Don't hold your breath. We've got a better chance of seeing Dennis Rodman as a Supreme Court Justice.

CQ: The Prevaricator

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