Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The Nuke Trader

Click here for AmazonThe Jersusalem Post reports (hat tip: LGF) more disturbing news about AQ Kahn. You'll remember Kahn as the ringleader of the Pyongyang/Tripoli/Islamabad nuclear parts network, which thrived for years under the Clinton administration and was exposed and dismantled once George W. Bush took office.

The implications of the latest revelations? Syria, Egypt and Saudi Arabia may have acquired some sort of nuclear weapons capability through Kahn. But that's not all. Intelligence sources also indicate serious terrorist efforts to acquire nukes:

Days after former Mossad chief Ephraim Halevy expressed fears that Syria, Egypt and Saudi Arabia might have acquired some kind of nuclear capability via an illicit weapons trafficking network run by Abdul Qadeer Khan, the chief architect of Pakistan's nuclear bomb, Israeli military sources have told The Jerusalem Post that, thanks to Khan, one of those three Arab states now has the potential to achieve a "significant nuclear leap."

The sources said that Israel is aware of Khan's contacts with all three countries, but that he had provided to one of them expertise and material to manufacture nuclear bombs. They would not specify which country.

The sources also spoke of an assessment in the IDF that Arab terrorist organizations are stepping up their efforts to obtain weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear bombs.

They noted that there is now evidence of increased debate as to whether Islamic law could allow for the deaths of Muslims as part of the price when tens of millions of heathens are killed – a debate whose very nature, the sources said, implies that thought is being given to the notion of using weapons of mass destruction...

Jerusalem Post: The Nuke Trader

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