Sunday, January 02, 2005

Fave Blog Moment '04: Hugh Hewitt, Calm in the Storm

Click here for AmazonThis is probably a bit esoteric, but one of my favorite blog moments was election day. Specifically, when the exit polls were pointing towards a stunning Kerry victory.

What the heck was happening? How could that be?

More than anyone else, Hugh Hewitt provided the calming rally point first; marshalling the forces of good through his insistence that the exit poll data was bogus.

The facts rolled in and PoliPundit and others provided the quantitative basis for disputing the polls.

On that day, Hewitt, PoliPundit, and others demonstrated the mettle that only true leaders possess. The calming influence they exerted may very well have turned the tide in Ohio.

I'll explain the picture... I simply did a Google image search for "Hewitt" and that's what I came up with. Odds are that's Jennifer Love and not Hugh.

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