Thursday, January 20, 2005

Suppressing Comment Spam

Click here for AmazonGoogle has added support for suppressing comment spam. Comment spam consists of URL's and keywords tossed into blog comments for the sole purpose of gaming search engine rankings. Increasingly, comment spammers are using bots to splat out these sorts of "comments".

Google's spider now supports a "nofollow" attribute value to separate blog postings from comments. It tells the spider to ignore hyperlinks appearing within comments, trackbacks and referrer lists. Interestingly, the "nofollow" attribute value was already part of the HTML DTD, but this represents a new use.

Google, in a recent blog post, said its spider has already begun recognizing the tag. Consider the old tag:

Visit my <a href="">fake Rolex</a> site

That comment would be transformed to

Visit my <a href="" rel="nofollow">fake Rolex</a> site

Search Engines, Bloggers Team to Fight Spam

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