Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Corporate Espionage and Trojan Horses

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Excel web sharing - spreadsheet collaboration over the Internet made easy with BadBlueVia Arik's blog, an excellent recap of the Israeli corporate espionage scandal.

* [Some] ...very prominent Israeli companies were infected by a trojan. Foreign companies may have been victims as well, but names of those were not provided.
* The trojan was targeted specifically at those companies by the perpetrator, and more specifically at key people in those companies and PR companies working for those companies.
* The trojan was targeted at Windows machines.
* The attack vector was social engineering, using e-mail and CD-ROMs sent to the victims as ‘a business proposal’.
* Data proliferated from some of the infected machines includes (but is not limited to) the ‘My Documents’ folder and screen captures.
* The stolen data was sent to “FTP servers” both out and inside Israel. The protocol used for the actual transfer was not disclosed.
* The trojan was never detected within the infiltrated companies until the police looked for it...

Saar Drimer also states, "...the police’s own computers were compromised by the very method they were investigating!"

Arik's blog: Trojan horses abound

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