Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Least Loved Bedtime Stories

AmazonIn the spirit of James Taranto at Best of the Web (Least-Loved Bedtime Stories - "Harry Potter and 'Deep Throat' " -- headline,, June 7), herein the reader may find a list of bedtime stories that they should not read to their kids:

  • The Grinch That Got Tasered While Shoplifting at K-Mart

  • Why Timmy's Parents Stopped Loving Him

  • A Child's First Book of Assault Rifles

  • Puff, the Crack-Addled Dragon

  • One Elvis Two Elvis Skinny Elvis Fat Elvis

  • There's a Rocket in my Pocket!

  • Oh, the Places You'll Go (after a Felony Conviction)

  • How the Littlest Bear Found Out He Was a Mistake

  • Horton Hears a Ho

  • The Cat in the Hat Gets Capped


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