Monday, June 13, 2005

Fineman on Imus

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Excel-web sharing of spreadsheetsLast week, Newsweek's Howard Fineman visited the Don Imus program and had some interesting commentary regarding Watergate and the Felt affair.

Fineman noted that upon his entrance to the Columbia School of Journalism (where else?), his hero was Pulitzer Prize-winner Theodore White, who had authored the best-selling Making of the President  book series.

Upon leaving Columbia, Fineman's new heroes were Woodward and Bernstein, two journalists who transformed the art of beltway reporting. Everything that the pair stood far was not positive, according to Fineman. The key negative point?

Journalism became a de facto opposition party.

Over a period of time, this consistent anti-administration bias gave rise to the likes of Fox News chieftan Roger Ailes. Ailes and Fox News became "the opposition to the opposition party".

In this same vein, the Cassandra Report has its own take on journalism as the opposition party: MSM/DNC - a singular noun.

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