Thursday, June 09, 2005

Do you know where your teens are and where they’ve been?

Excel-web sharing of spreadsheetsIf you worry about where your teens are going, or where they've been, this gadget's for you.

"I'm staying overnight at Sara's house," your daughter tells you. Now there's a way to verify that everything's on the up-and-up. Hey, we all trust our kids. But, as Ronald Reagan used to say: trust... but verify.

SkyTel's new SkyGuard provides real-time location data, trip information, and location reports for up to 45 days. All of this is available through a web application.

You can even set up allowed and denied zones, areas where a family member shouldn't leave or a region they shouldn't enter. Real-time alerts can be sent to your pager, email account or a mobile phone. SMS text messaging is also supported.

If you're the paranoid type, this sort of technology can help set your mind at ease.

SkyTel: SkyGuard Features

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