Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Israeli Trojan Horse Affair... and Ad Agencies

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Excel-web sharing of spreadsheetsThe Israeli corporate espionage affair is spreading from firm to firm like wild-fire. An interesting aspect: ad agencies were reportedly infected with trojans, presumably to glean strategic marketing information on competitors.

A question for senior managers: do your ad agencies (or other partners) possess your company's strategic data? If so, your legal team should be writing infosec process into your contracts... and your infosec team should be performing due diligence on their systems.

...Tel Aviv Police District Fraud Unit investigators yesterday raided the offices of international calls carrier Bezeq International Ltd., and detained for questioning its VP marketing and a strategic researcher. The company is suspected of obtaining from private investigators business information of Golden Lines International Communication Services Ltd. by uploading a Trojan Horse into computers of ad agency Shalmor-Avnon-Amichay Young and Rubicam...

Car importer Jacob Shachar questioned in Trojan Horse affair

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