Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Bush-Rumsfeld Plan for WWIII

Thus sayeth Kevin Murphy:

The Bush-Rumsfeld Plan for WWIII

Step 1: The US does everything possible to create a multilateral alliance to stop Iran from getting nukes.

Step 2: At the last minute, France vetoes the whole thing in exchange for oil drilling rights.

Step 3: All the other countries back out of the alliance, since it is no longer multilateral without France.

Step 4: Bowing to unrelenting international pressure, the US declines to go it alone.

Step 5: Israel warns that an attack on them would be met with an unimaginable response.

Step 6: Iran nukes Tel Aviv...

Step 6.001: Israel nukes Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Pakistan, Libya, the UAE and Iran some more, using about 100 hydrogen bombs. A hundred million die.

Step 7: Everyone blames Bush and Rumsfeld.

Shhhhh... no one tell the New York Times.

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