Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ideas for more Dramatizations of the Clinton Era

Given all of the interest and attention paid to the docudrama The Path to 9/11, other networks are certain to follow in ABC's footsteps. Helpful chap that I am, here are some suggestions for additional mini-series that center on the Clinton legacy:

The Path to Chinese ICBMs -- a dramatization of the fascinating story of Johnny Chung, the DNC, and the Clinton Administration -- details of how Chinese organizations "funneled" cash to the Democratic National Committee. According to CNN, "...after [the Chinese] passed illegal money to the D.N.C., Clinton approved the transfer of commercial satellite-launch technology to China--technology that might have helped China improve the accuracy of its long-range ballistic missiles that threaten the U.S..." Review: Pulse-pounding drama at its best!

The Path to the Lincoln Bedroom -- a dramatization of the many Clinton-era celebrities and donors who visited the White House and slept in the Lincoln Bedroom. According to CNN, among the nearly 800 guests who used the bedroom were "Barbra Streisand, catalogue retailer Lillian Vernon, playwright Neil Simon, film director and producer Steven Spielberg, former Chrysler chairman Lee Iaccoca, the Rev. Billy Graham, Apple Computer co-founder Steven Jobs, nutrition guru Dean Ornish, and, not least, actress Jane Fonda and her husband, [and] CNN honcho Ted Turner." Review: Celebs, romance, and controversy - a heady brew!

The Path to Monica's Heart -- a dramatization of the scandal known as "Monicagate." A former White House intern, Lewinsky engaged in a brief relationship with the President while she was a paid staff-member at the Pentagon. On August 17, 1998, Clinton admitted he had misled listeners and said that he had participated in an "inappropriate" relationship with Lewinsky. Some critics noted that Clinton had subjected himself to a situation where he could have been blackmailed. Review: a timeless romance, suitable for the entire family!

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