Monday, September 04, 2006

Ted Stevens hometown paper supports net neutrality

The egregious Ted Stevens -- he of the secret "hold" on pork-busting legislation -- has had the riot act read to him by his own hometown paper on the topic of net neutrality. Hopefully Stevens' cat-like tendencies for self-preservation will swing him against the carriers' (and their lobbyists') position.

...Sen. Stevens has said he doesn't see an immediate problem that requires regulation. In other words, he's reluctant to have the government set the playing rules until more companies are caught cheating. Apparently he thinks competition can be counted on to prevent any abuses.

Only problem is, local Internet service is not a fluid, totally free market with a lot of competitors. Many markets are served by only one or two high-speed Internet companies. Switching providers is not as easy as driving to the next gas station or grocery store...

...Net neutrality is hardly a heavy-handed government intrusion into the free-wheeling world of the Internet. It is a simple antitrust rule that protects consumers by keeping Internet companies from exploiting their control over connections. Congress should get ahead of the curve and ensure net neutrality before abuses begin to spread.

BOTTOM LINE: Net neutrality is a good idea. Sen. Ted Stevens should support it.

Anchorage Daily News: Stevens should support net neutrality

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