Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Don't hold your breath

Don't hold your breath waiting for:

The Chicago Cubs to win the World Series...

Blizzard-like conditions in Hell...

Pigs to fly...

Donald Trump to shave his head bald...

Talking unicorns to bring peace to the world...

The New York Times to admit President Bush was right all along regarding the NSA's international terrorist wiretapping program. And I quote:

...Board members said that they were impressed by the safeguards the government has built into the NSA’s monitoring of phone calls and computer transmissions, and that they wished the administration could tell the public more about them to ease distrust....

"If the American public, especially civil libertarians like myself, could be more informed about how careful the government is to protect our privacy while still protecting us from attacks, we’d be more reassured," said Lanny Davis, a former Clinton White House lawyer...

Once again, the New York Times has been proven utterly and completely wrong. Fat, stupid, and anti-American is no way to go through life, boys. You too, Dowd.

Hat tips: Larwyn and Rick Moran

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