Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Impressive Plans of the Democrats

Gateway Pundit offers a valuable summary of the Democratic Party's plans for America. Let's watch as the Democrats spring into action:

In the Middle East, advocate a strategy of cut-and-run (oops, I meant "phased redeployment") from Iraq.

Raise taxes on virtually all Americans by letting the Bush tax cuts expire.

Declare an intent to hold multiple investigations of the Administration (which has arguably been the cleanest Executive Branch in recent memory).

Cry, whine, and seethe about a lack of energy independence while blocking every effort at domestic production and exploration.

Promote a scandal-plagued Senator to Majority leader while decrying a 'culture of corruption'...

...and I'll be kind - I won't even mention Jack ("Unindicted Co-conspirator") Murtha and Abscam at this juncture!

Advocate the rights of U.S. citizens for foreign terrorist killers.

Promote an impeached judge as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee (a pretty good indicator of how seriously Democrats take national security).

Resurrect HillaryCare™-brand socialized health insurance, which is a surefire method to increase the number of deaths caused by the health system.

Denounce passport verification at border-crossings.

Block international warrantless wiretaps of terrorist enclaves (roughly equivalent to warrantless searches of persons arriving at border-crossings, which everyone takes for granted).

Lastly, propose a military draft against the wishes of the Armed Forces and most Americans.

* * *

All of this begs the question: what will the Democrats do when they really get rolling?

I think I'm starting to get the picture. How does 12% inflation and $6-per-gallon gas sound to everyone?

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