Monday, November 20, 2006

Nancy Pelosi on the Consequences of Leaving Iraq

The Democrats' latest slogan of "phased redeployment" is an ill-disguised marketing campaign for retreat in the face of terrorism. But, assuming for a moment that this approach is adopted, what are the consequences?

The American Thinker performs a significant service in describing the ramifications of leaving Iraq before the job is done. The Democrats obviously haven't done the math. A/T sums it up for us. Here's the illustrated version, so simplified even Jack Murtha should get it (although I don't have any spare cash to draw his attention to this post). We thought we'd pose these questions to ostensible House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

* * *

If we leave Iraq, how many of Iraq's approximately 13 million youths will join Al Qaeda or other terrorist groups? One percent is 130,000, half a percent is 65,000. What's your projection, Nancy?


If we leave Iraq, how long until the Iraqi soldiers and police give up on their dream of a free country, Nancy?


If we leave Iraq, what will the 300,000 soldiers and police do with their free time once the elected government has collapsed, Nancy?

You hungry? I think it may be time for lunch...

If we leave Iraq, what will happen to the women who now fill important seats in government, Nancy?

The dietetic tortellini with no-fat cheese is to die for!

If we leave Iraq, will any elected government remain, Nancy?

Seriously - I'm getting pretty hungry here.

If we leave Iraq, what will Al Qaeda teach in the schools, Nancy? And what will become of Iraq's schoolgirls?

Is this a trick question?

If we leave Iraq, what will Iraq's weapons researchers -- many of whom are skilled in nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons -- do for a living, Nancy?

Is that a multiple choice question?

If we leave Iraq, will the Shias turn to Iran's Mullahs? And, if so, how will Israel respond, Nancy?

Can I consult with my foreign affairs advisers on that one?

If we leave Iraq, what's the plan for our relationship with Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc., Nancy?

Will you accept 'phased redeployment' as an answer?

If we leave Iraq, how soon before China and India sign exclusive agreements and drive our oil prices higher, Nancy?

Did I mention I hate George W. Bush?

If we leave Iraq, what kind of weapons will it acquire? Will they buy missiles, rockets, and nuclear-enrichment facilities, Nancy?

I can't answer hypothetical questions!

If we leave Iraq, what will the Saudis do, Nancy?

More importantly, what would Jack Murtha do?

Hey, could someone get Jack on the line for me?

Hat tip: Larwyn

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