Sunday, November 19, 2006

If the New York Times were a real newspaper... might look something like this.

Oven-fresh good readin', just like Mama used to make:
Andrew Bolt: Don't mention the Jihadist war
Captain's Quarters: Read between the lines (Global warming... and global cooling!)
Conservative Cat: The 'If I did it' Book Series... (Hat tip: Don Surber)
Dr. Sanity: Displacement and cowards of the MSM
Gateway Pundit: One of Kerry's Dummies Shows some Heart and Rangel calls to reinstate draft
Hugh Hewitt: Al Jazeera Jitters
Outside the Beltway: No grunting allowed at the Gym
Rick Moran: Dems better not be hasty about Hastings
RWN: Best of the weekend
STACLU: The man who wanted to be King
Wizbang: Great minds run in similar channels, or fools think alike

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