Wednesday, November 01, 2006

How electronic voting works

For those readers not familiar with the details, I thought I would describe how electronic voting works, why it's secure, and therefore why Democrats we can trust it implicitly.

Mister (or Ms.) voter shows up at the polls (and is promptly turned away if they don't have valid, legal identification).

The poll worker authorizes the voting machine, which can then be used by the voter to create an electronic "ballot."

Upon leaving the polling station, the voter obliges a request for an "exit poll" with answers that are completely opposite to the ballot he or she just cast. This is used to mislead Democrats, who believe they are winning right up until the moment they actually lose.

Meanwhile, the integrity and confidentiality of the electronic ballot is assured through a fool-proof series of steps called "Public-Key Infrastructure", which was invented in 1976 by a brilliant young scientist named Al Gore.

The encrypted ballot is routed to a central computer at the polling location where votes are tallied at the precinct (or "voter-disenfranchisement") level.

Using super-secure electronic communications lines -- with 100% uptime guaranteed by either Vonage, Skype, or France Telecom (the latter in Massachusetts) -- the precinct-level data is routed to a mainframe at each State Capitol.

At the Capitol, a bonded and licensed technician from Diebold removes the data from the mainframe and stores it on two Flash Drives for redundancy.

These flash drives, encrypted with a super-secure, 32-bit, hand-generated key, are then flown to Diebold World Headquarters in North Canton, Ohio.

Once at Diebold, the flash-drives are unencrypted (the accompanying picture is not of Diebold's offices, but some other complex that looks much more impressive than their real offices).

Using the data from the flash-drives, Diebold's bi-partisan review board hand-checks the results and passes them on to the review official.

The review official certifies the results and passes them on to the Diebold's appointed head of media relations.

The head of media relations vets the results and releases them to the electronic news wires for dissemination to the media.

* * *

Electronic voting: it really is just that simple.

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