Monday, January 07, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: String of Indictments by DOJ Point to Multiple Global Operations

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String of Indictments by DOJ Point to Multiple Global Operations: Jeff Carlson
Dem House Chair: Trump Has the Authority to Use the Military to Build Wall: Pam Key
Schiff says Trump cannot declare a national emergency to build the border wall: Scoop

Democrats Move to Block ‘Mega’ Pro-Israel Bill, Prolong Gov’t Shutdown: Adam Kredo
New Dem reps tied to anti-Semite Linda Sarsour, but we’re not supposed to notice: BPR
Democrats in the House make us yearn for serious people: Silvio Canto, Jr.

How Mueller Has Been Silencing Whistleblowers For Years: BLP
Warren Fights for Early Democratic Position in Iowa Campaign Swing: David Rutz
Trump supporter carrying 'Keep America Great' banner arrested at Warren event: Exam

Democrats Don't Want DACA: Don Surber
Dan Crenshaw’s New ‘Term’ For Dems Claiming a Wall Won’t Work Is Perfect: WZ
We Will Not Comply: Gun Owners in Boulder, CO Launch Civil Disobedience: Faye Higbee


Border Patrol Agents Defend Shutdown: CBN

Scandal Central

"The Criminals Who Run The Deep State Will Be Exposed": Kim Dotcom Teases "Next Round Of Leaks": ZH
The arrest of a powerful Chicago alderman who has been in office for 50 years: DTG
The Split Second Life And Death Decisions LEOs Make Every Day: Herschel Smith


Sunday Talks: Steny Hoyer Outlines Legislative Resistance Approach Using UniParty Ally Mitch McConnell: CTH
Tucker Carlson on Rick Wilson Slamming Trump Voters: BattleSwarm
Judge Jeanine: Rashida Tlaib, my message for you -- Do what you were elected to do: Fox


Macron Under Siege as Tough Stance Against ‘yellow vests’ Backfires: CTH
Khan’s London: ‘Kids See Parents Knifed’, ‘Woman Strangled to Death’: Virginia Hale
Tightening the Sharia Screws in Europe: Bruce Bawer

Yellow Vest protester caught pummeling riot cop revealed to be ex-champion boxer: RT
“Criminal foreigners who undermine our values ​​have no place in our society”, says Danish PM : VoE
Rich kid of Communism: Fidel Castro's model grandson flashes his wealth: DailyMail

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Manhole Covers Hide Antennas: Brian McEvoy
Photos unlock 40% of Android phones with face recognition: Isaiah Mayersen
Photosynthesis Hack Will Make Plants More Productive So the World Can Feed 40% More: Brian Wang


What’s More Newsworthy?: MOTUS
Leftists: Tipping the Balance of Power: Springer
A Sunday Used Liberally: Woodsterman

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