Thursday, May 07, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Are These Blue-State Governors Just Pro-Virus?

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Trump #MAGA Pajama Bottoms
Are These Blue-State Governors Just Pro-Virus?: John Zmirak
Andrew Cuomo: Arrogant, Ignorant Failure: EIB
House panel investigating virus response packed with anti-Trump militants: W. James Antle III

Devin Nunes: ‘Walls are Closing In’ on ‘Media Russia Hoax Rats’: CNS
DNI to Schiff: The transcripts are ready to release: Byron York
John Ratcliffe is the right choice for DNI — and for America: Rep. Mark Walker

I will not wear a mask: Bob Zimmerman
U.S. Records Lowest One-Day Coronavirus Death Total in a Month: EIB
It’s time to reopen the schools: Hans Bader

NY judge gives Biden a new headache in ruling the primary must go on: Monica Showalter
Breaking Our Modern Paralysis: Ross Hunt
Betsy DeVos Restores Due Process, Dems Freak Out: David Harsanyi

Illinois governor says churches may not reopen for a year or more because of coronavirus: Madison Dibble
Whoa, Senator Lindsey Graham is Making Sense Again: “This is J Edgar Hoover Stuff”: CTH
Lou Dobbs Interviews Devin Nunes About Release of Witness Transcripts: CTH


EU predicts 'historic' recession: The Hill
Harvard Faces $1.2 Billion Shortfall Due To COVID-19: Paul Caron
Uber layoffs show a company in dire trouble: Shakeel Hashim

Scandal Central

Walls Closing In Around Chris Wray as Documents Show His Enabling of Corrupt FBI Objectives: CTH
Jim Jordan: Wray's FBI failed to turn up missing FISA files: Jerry Dunleavy
Wray pushes back through spokesman as GOP criticism of FBI intensifies: John Solomon

Jim Jordan: Wray's FBI failed to turn up missing FISA files: Jerry Dunleavy
Clinton Foundation Wants To Use AmeriCorps To Create A 'National Contact Tracing Corps': MassPrivateI
The Nuclear Option: Hillary Clinton Could Be at Top of Biden Vice President List: Charles Hurt

Grenell Warns Schiff: Release House Intel Transcripts Now — Or I Will: Ed Morrissey
Gates-Honored, Obama Admin-Appointed Doctor Wants to ‘Get Rid of All The Whites’: Patrick Howley
Texas Governor and Attorney General Call For Immediate Release of Jailed Salon Owner Shelly Luther: CTH


Dan Crenshaw reacts to jailing of salon owner, says some leaders `drunk with power': Fox
Is Trump Going To Be The “UFO Disclosure” President After All?: Jazz Shaw
Amid Plague, Press Takes a Powder On Religious Liberty: Ira Stoll

As a Progressive Liberal, Why Don't I Hate Donald Trump?: Peter Darrow
The damage done by journalism prizes: Hugo Gurdon
Deranged WaPo Marxist Jen Rubin Has a Virtual MOAB Dropped on Her: Sister Toldjah


South Korean scientists conclude people cannot be infected with coronavirus more than once: Anthony Leonardi
Study: COVID-19 detected in France in late December: Mary Van Beusekom
China says its new space station will be completed by 2022: EuroNews

Dozens die in Canada due to delayed cardiac surgeries during pandemic, health minister says: Emma Colton
China, US stand-off over origin of Covid-19 deepens: Nirmal Ghosh
Trump says coronavirus pandemic worse 'attack' than 9/11 and Pearl Harbor: Zachary Halaschak

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Air Force's Secret Space Plane Is About to Launch Again with Even More Payloads: Oriana Pawlyk
The inside story behind the Pentagon’s ill-fated quest for a real life 'Iron Man' suit: Jared Keller
Many Effects of Hydroxychloroquine against COVID-19: Leo Goldstein


We Are Cursed To Enjoy the Ride: MOTUS
The new trailer for 'Space Force' is a hilarious portrait of military bureaucracy: Task and Purpose
We Pause For A Brief Word From Our Ulcer: Stilton’s Place


commoncents said...

FOX NEWS VIDEO - ‘Biggest loser of declassification is Adam Schiff’: John Solomon

commoncents said...

FOX NEWS VIDEO - ‘Biggest loser of declassification is Adam Schiff’: John Solomon