Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Larwyn's Linx: Our Dress Rehearsal for a Police State

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Trump #MAGA Pajama Bottoms
Our Dress Rehearsal for a Police State: Dennis Prager
Tom Cotton Is Right About Restricting Chinese Student Visas: Ben Weingarten
Schiff: Trump Shouldn't Be Blaming China for the Coronavirus: Beth Baumann

WI Supreme Court Justice: Isn’t lockdown order “the very definition of tyranny?”: LI
Ruth Bader Ginsburg hospitalized at Johns Hopkins with gallbladder infection: Spencer Neale
5 times the CDC got it wrong on coronavirus: JTN

The Breaking of the Seals: Brian Cates
26% of Democrats Want Joe Biden Replaced After Hearing Tara Reade Denial: John Nolte
Democrats to Use Pentagon-Funded AI to Target Pro-Trump Messages Online: Allum Bokhari


Should Identity Politics Dictate Vaccine Research?: Heather Mac Donald
The Nation’s Report Card: Walter Williams
Wuhan Flu: SDA

Scandal Central

Flynn bombshells cast doubt on Mueller prosecutor Brandon Van Grack's compliance with court order: Gregg Re
Cuomo’s New York Suddenly Reveals Over 1,700 Previously Undisclosed Deaths at Nursing Homes: Breitbart
Declassifications by Barr, Grenell lead senator to lift 2-year hold on CI nominee: Jerry Dunleavy


China Puppet/Politico Founder Wants 'Coronation’ Of Biden, Not A Probe Of Rape Charges: Chrissy Clark
A New Low for Journalists: SDA
Speaking of new lows, I bring you the hilariously idiotic Jennifer Rubin: RS

Media Attack Gov. Kristi Noem For Not Panicking And Destroying Her State: Mollie Hemingway
Liberals Rewrite History to Justify Their #MeToo Hypocrisy: David Harsanyi
Government scientist Neil Ferguson resigns after breaking lockdown rules to meet his married lover: Telegraph


China Refuses to Contribute to European Effort to Develop Wuhan Coronavirus Vaccine: Vijeta Uniyal
Chinese Lies Update For May 6, 2020: BattleSwarm
Europe's reckoning: Nathan Pinkoski

Kim Jong Un photos spark wild theories about a body double: Lee Brown
Iran's Rouhani pledges "crushing response" if US extends arms embargo: THT
Coronavirus by air: The spread of Covid-19 in the Middle East: BBC

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Under This Doctor’s Care, Most COVID-19 Patients Are Recovering. Here’s His Unusual Approach.: Kevin Pham
'Breakthrough' Found That Could 'Block Course' of COVID-19 Infection: Victoria Taft
Stress from virus response will destroy 7 times more years of life than lockdowns save: Study: Andrew Mark Miller


This 5-Year-Old Boy Was Driving to Buy a Lamborghini Before He Got Foiled by the Cops: Megan Fox
China Impressed By Michigan Governor's Totalitarian Policies: Babylon Bee
Because It’s the Right Thing to Do: MOTUS


Anonymous said...

How is it that a Black man can attain a Judgeship in this Country yet not know what Liberty is? Eric Moye stated to Shelley Luther that that a person's belief system in Liberty permits disdain for elected officials through ignoring and defiling them, the same who are in place to grant permissions for behavior.
By his own definition, Eric Moye embraces slavery. How odd to be raised here yet not know freedom.

Anonymous said...

^ If Moye had escaped the Plantation in 1860 only to be caught, then sat before a white Judge who said to him what he said to Luther these 150 years later... would he have gotten a Lawyer, or would he have said in his heart "bite me, I'm busting out till I am free".