Thursday, May 14, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Former FBI General Counsel Jim Baker Cooperating With DOJ’s Russia Inquiry, OANN Reports

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Ex-FBI General Counsel Jim Baker Said Cooperating With DOJ’s Russia Inquiry: Martin Walsh
Rand Paul Reacts to #Obamagate: CTH
The list of names who requested to "unmask" Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn: Sharyl Attkisson

Biden Named in List of Obama Officials Who Requested to ‘Unmask’ Flynn: NRO
Joe Biden Dismisses Dementia Concerns & Internet Memes Amid Latest Gaffe: OAN
Joe Biden's disrespect for the Secret Service: Ronald Kessler -

Hundreds of Mail-In Votes Already Set Aside Due to Voter Fraud Claims: Jonathan Dienst
WI Supreme Court strikes down governor’s extension of stay-at-home order: Caitlin Yilek
Wuhan Flu: SDA

Republican Flips Seat in California House Election After Democrat Concedes: Epoch Times
Devin Nunes: Criminal referrals coming for Mueller team: Caitlin Yilek
Gird Your Loins, Democrat Party: Brian Cates


Tom Cotton exposes Pelosi’s “relief” bill sham: Scoop
Sen. Kennedy: Pelosi’s $3 Trillion Bill is ‘Dead as Fried Chicken in the Senate’: Hannity

Scandal Central

Devin Nunes: “It’s Much Worse Than This”, The Entire Trump Transition Was Under Surveillance: CTH
Insider Trading Scandal Is Just Latest Reason Burr Should Be Removed As Intel Chair: Mollie Hemingway
Judge Sullivan continues to torch his reputation and legacy in real time.: @rexxurection

Lunatic Lawless “Judge” Sullivan Enlists His Own Private Prosecutor to Pursue Flynn: Ace
Outrageous – Flynn Judge Orders Retired Judicial Ally to File Brief Supporting Prosecution of Michael Flynn: CTH
Court in chaos after judge delays decision to end prosecution of Michael Flynn: Chris Ford

Samantha Power Claimed She Never Tried To Unmask Michael Flynn, But Records Show She Unmasked Him 7 Times: Sean Davis
DNI Grenell Releases Names of Obama Officials Who Requested Unmasking of NSA Reports Containing Michael Flynn: CTH
Mark Kelly Silent on Firm's Windfall From Chinese Tech Giant: Susan Crabtree


Andrew McCarthy Reacts to Judge Sullivan Requesting Amicus Briefs in Criminal Case: CTH
Fmr. AG Matt Whitaker: Flynn Revelations 'Tip of Iceberg': Jeffrey Rodack
Brit Hume scorches the media over their obsessive Russia-gate coverage: Scoop

Joe Biden Goes on "Youth" Oriented Snapchat Show, Gets Relentlessly Clowned: Ace
Stelter on Stilts: Scott Johnson
CBS: Look At All The People Who Requested To Unmask Flynn — Including One Joe Biden: Ed Morrissey


Celebration of Israel's 72nd Independence Day | #Israel72: Facebook
China's Coronavirus: How the EU is Betraying Europe: Con Coughlin
Angela Merkel under pressure to confront China in face-to-face meeting with Xi Jinping: Express

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Wuhan Virus Watch: Over Half of All U.S. Deaths Have Occurred in Just Five States: LI
Hidden For Two Years: Crowdstrike Admitted Under Oath It Had No Evidence DNC Servers Were Hacked by Russia: Ace
Greta Thunberg added to CNN’s expert coronavirus panel, Twitter erupts: Hannah Sparks


Malice Aforethought and the Noodle Incident: MOTUS
Key worker who saved policeman's life wins £1million EuroMillions jackpot: DailyMail
RIP Little Richard Penniman: Cold Fury



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