Thursday, May 21, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Susan Rice’s Email Proves FBI Had No Legitimate Reason To Question Flynn

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Susan Rice Email Proves FBI Had No Reason To Question Flynn: Margot Cleveland
Declassified Rice email conflicts with her statement to Congress in 2018: Carlos Garcia
Ugh: Did Planned Parenthood Get $80M From Small-Business Relief Funds?: Ed Morriseey

Dear GOP: Stop Cowering Before Bad-Faith Race Card Attacks: Mollie Hemingway
Is Biden blowing it with the Left?: Joseph Simonson
Supreme Court Blocks House Democrats from Mueller Grand Jury Material: Breitbart

Adolf Whitmer Allows Gay Swinger's Club to Operate While Barber Loses License: Megan Fox
Biden Forgets Obama Fired Inspector General: Josh Christenson
America’s Gay Hero: Bruce Bawer

JW Gets Originating FBI “EC” Electronic Communication initiating Crossfire Hurricane: CTH
Brain Freeze: Biden Can't Name 'Coronavirus,' Screws Up Recovery Act Figures: Kyle Olsen
Sidney Powell Discusses the Ongoing Persecution of Michael Flynn With Lou Dobbs: CTH


How a controversial letter from Pope Francis shaped climate politics and the Biden 2020 campaign: Nicholas Rowan
Nationwide, Feds find cozy connections between China & university professors: Jon Street
California’s coronavirus relief program for unemployed immigrant workers gets off to a rocky start: Patrick McGreevy

Scandal Central

The Rice CYA Memo, Unredacted: Andrew C. McCarthy
Susan Rice: I was Directed to Write My CYA “By the Book” Memo by… Obama’s White House Counsel: Ace
Video: Obamagate – The Coup Attempt Against Trump Unveiled:

Ukrainian Lawmakers: Biden Tapes Show Quid Pro Quo: OAN
Amb. Marie Yovanovitch Appeared to Lie Under Oath During Impeachment Hearings: OAN
Senate Intel Democrat calls for declassification of Flynn conversations with Russian ambassador: Jerry Dunleavy


Ron DeSantis Debunks the Leftwing Propaganda Organization's Latest Conspiracy Theory: Ace
Well, This is Truly Unbelievable.: Computing Forever
Stacy Abrams Morbidly Obese, and That's a National Concern: Ace


The Same Fools Who Called Us Racist For Wanting Early Border Closures Now Admit They Should Have Closed The Borders Earlier: Spencer Fernando
Expert: Europe’s Prisons a 'hotbed' of extremism that can't be cooled down: J.M. Phelps
Chinese city of Wuhan bans consumption of wild animals: Zachary Halaschak

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

How to find a book without knowing the actual title: Boing Boing
Gemini Solar: A Billion-Dollar Vegas Boondoggle: PJM
Carbon dating, the archaeological workhorse, is getting a major reboot: Nicola Jones


NYC’s Oldest Gun Store Closing Its Doors For Good: Cam Edwards
Look Quickly Or You’re Likely To Miss Our Shooting Star: MOTUS
Nursh Nanshee’s Miracle Punch Cures Everything: Earl of Taint


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