Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Hearts and Minds

Click here for AmazonTaranto notes the following contrast. The odds that any position Ted Kennedy takes will be proven wrong are about the same as those that William Hung will continue his "singing career". It's hard to argue with a series of miscalculations when you can still garner free PR.

"Our military and the insurgents are fighting for the same thing--the hearts and minds of the people--and that is a battle we are not winning."--Ted Kennedy, Jan. 27

"Thousands of mostly black-clad Iraqis protested Tuesday outside a medical clinic where a suicide car bomber killed 125 people a day earlier, braving the threat of another attack as they waved clenched fists, condemned foreign fighters and chanted 'No to terrorism!' "--Associated Press, March 1

Interestingly, the text of Kennedy's infamous speech seems to have disappeared from his Web site; the above link is to the Yahoo cache. We guess it's a good sign that he no longer stands by the speech, but we'd think more highly of him if he actually owned up to his mistake.

Mary Jo Kopechne could not be reached for comment.

WSJ: Taranto's Best of the Web

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