Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Voices of Reason

Click here for AmazonSen. Joe Lieberman (D-CT) on CNN: "So, at some point we've got to stop criticizing each other and sit at the table and work out this problem … Every year we wait to come up with a solution to the Social Security problem [it] costs our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren $600 billion more." It's a pity more Democrats haven't aligned themselves with this centrist voice of reason. Well, perhaps it's not a pity, for as long as the Michael Moore-led, Left Bank wing of the party dominates, they'll continue to lose elections.

Dan Rather, in the LA Times, "I've learned to trust the audience," explaining his removal from the anchor job at CBS News amid its abysmal ratings slide. When the audience disappears, so must Dan.

Benjamin Blatt reveals that New York Times reporter Chris Hedges may be positioning himself as Jayson Blair's successor. Regarding Hedges' claimed presence at the Battle of Khafji during Operation Desert Storm, Blatt calls out Hedges, "Your version of the events in Khafji doesn’t appear to correspond with objective reality. It makes me wonder about the content of the rest of your book." It looks like another proud milestone for the Gray Lady.

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