Friday, March 04, 2005

It's Hillary's World, We're Just Livin' in It

Click here for AmazonHere are latest updates on the '08 Hillary/Obama ticket, which I'm certain you've been awaiting with all the nail-biting anticipation of Tara Reid at the Oscars.

The IT Professionals Association of America is ticked at Hill:

Scott Kirwin, founder of the organization, states, “We are tired of Democrats pretending they care about the problems facing average Americans. Senator Clinton’s actions prove they clearly do not.”

The ITPAA based its award on Indian press reports of Sen. Clinton supporting outsourcing and assuring political and business leaders in India that the US would not attempt to save the jobs lost. “Outsourcing will continue,” Clinton said in Delhi on Feb 28, according to a report by the Asia Times... “Her statements got little press here but were splashed all over the Indian media,” Kirwin says. “Does she think we aren’t going to find out about it?” Kirwin says that the India media is the best source of information about outsourcing and what he terms “labor dumping” – using immigration policies to dampen wages.

Kirwin says the Senator’s position supporting outsourcing is nothing new. He noted that in March 2004 Clinton appeared on CNN’s Lou Dobbs show and criticized offshoring and the Bush administration support of the practice. Host of the program Lou Dobbs then pointed out that Clinton was closely allied with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), an Indian offshoring giant which set up its US headquarters in upstate New York – an area Clinton represents...

John McCain doesn't believe Hill will ever be president:

...Sen. John McCain said Tuesday that he doubts Hillary Clinton can win enough votes nationwide to reclaim the White House in the next presidential race.

"I don't believe that Senator Clinton will be president of the United States," McCain told the Fox News Channel's "Hannity & Colmes." The Arizona Republican offered the prediction after clarifying his remarks last week on "Meet the Press," where he said Sen. Clinton would make "a good president..."

Joe Biden thinks Hill will be the Democratic nominee in '08, as reported by Newsday's Joseph Dolman:

Sen. Joseph Biden, a Delaware Democrat who may seek the nomination himself, sizing up Clinton last Sunday on "Meet the Press", "I think she is likely to be the nominee. She'd be the toughest person. And I think Hillary Clinton is able to be elected president of the United States."

...I mean, the Democrats know a thing or two about wretched judgment - from Al Gore's 2000 decision to run a populist campaign to John Kerry's 2004 decision to ignore the claptrap of the Swift-Boat veterans.

And yet, at a time when the party must broaden its clout among tradition-minded voters or languish in the shadows indefinitely, some Democrats are looking to perhaps the most polarizing woman in the nation as their savior?

...But for all her hard work and mainstream values, she will face the challenge of a lifetime trying to live down her activist background. Every excess of the 1960s will be her burden to carry once the GOP strategists finish with her...

And Bill Clinton thinks his wife would make an excellent president.

...Bill Clinton declared during a visit to Japan that his wife "would make an excellent president". While saying he did not know if she would run, he added: "If she did run and she was able to win, she'd make a very, very good president. I think now she's at least as good as I was."

I take that to mean that Hillary would sell even more critical defense technology to enemies of the US, accept even more cash donations from suspect sources, allow innocents to be massacred while mingling at the President's Cup golf tournament, and perhaps even commit adultery in the White House.

And those hoping for a repeat of Clinton's boom by electing Hillary are grasping at straws.

Here's a news flash: the Y2K and Internet booms were products of (a) an anomalous, time-based event; and (b) the genius of web inventor Tim Berners-Lee, respectively. Clinton just happened to be in office when these two tidal forces washed over the US economy. Take away those two events and Bill Clinton's economic legacy would be far, far different.

Electing Hillary president would be akin to giving a drunken teenage boy keys to the Porsche. Way more things can go wrong than can possibly go right.

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