Sunday, May 29, 2005

Throw Bolton Under the Bus

Excel web sharing - spreadsheet collaboration over the Internet made easy with BadBlueHugh Hewitt, writing in the World, exposes John McCain as a simple, publicity-seeking missile headed directly towards the 2008 primaries. That he underestimated the rage of the GOP base at his so-called "deal" is certain. Less certain is what will become of John Bolton, now that filibusters are to be used only for "exceptional" circumstances.

...great Americans can be lousy senators and terrible Republicans, and once again Mr. McCain has proven to be both. He has now done for the judicial nomination and confirmation process what he did for campaign finance reform. He brought the country George Soros and the scourge of the 527s, and with his leadership on the deal that threw at least two of George Bush's nominees under the bus in exchange for the most ambiguous of promises, the senator has once again turned his back on a core constitutional value in order to advance his own agenda...

In the old days, when the Democrats controlled both the Senate Judiciary Committee and the White House, the GOP uniformly accepted the President's judicial nominations. Now that they are in a decided minority, the Democrats have embarked on a course of wanton obstructionism. That such a course is unwise can be confirmed by one Tom Daschle, ex-communicated by South Dakotans.

If the Democrats want to control judicial nominations, here's a suggestion (paraphrasing Hugh Hewitt): win some elections for a change.

Hugh Hewitt: A house on fire

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