Saturday, May 07, 2005

Zarqawi's Morale Problem - Exclusive Memo

Excel web sharing - spreadsheet collaboration over the Internet made easy with BadBlueIraqi and US counter-terror operators recently captured a computer owned by insurgent COO Musab al-Zarqawi. Among the documents found on the hard-drive: a memo from Zarqawi to the insurgent rank-and-file related to wavering morale.

Through an exclusive sharing agreement with a source inside the New York Times (hat tip: MoDo), I'm pleased to offer the only translated copy of the Zarqawi memo addressing the insurgency's morale problems:

To: The Mujahaddin
From: The Sheikh
Subject: Morale

I am greatly disappointed to hear reports of low morale among the mujahaddin. To address these problems, our Vice-President of Human Resources has promoted Sheikh Abdul Hassan al-Bharbouti to Director of Organizational Development.

Sheikh al-Bharbouti will be responsible for training programs, martyrdom operations, and selected special missions against the American and Iraqi devils.

To that end, he will be tasked with quantitatively addressing morale problems with our fighters:

- Training programs: each fighter will be required to attend at least one week of training in any of the following areas: explosives preparation, bomb-belt construction, car-bomb wiring, fuses (beginning and advanced), and suicide-bombing methods
- Martyrdom operations: to improve morale, the Sheikh will be selecting certain fighters to participate in martyrdom operations within the coming few days and weeks
- Special missions: each fighter will be required to participate in special missions against the American devils including night operations and small-arms attacks against armored vehicles

Please give the Sheikh your full cooperation in these efforts - they are certain to result in high morale as we dismantle the devil occupiers.



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