Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bask in the genius of the vitriolic anti-net neutrality god!

It's time, children. Now, settle down, settle down. Kids!! Hush! It's time to bask in the genius of an anti-net neutrality icon:

* On the failures of Internet2 to implement QoS:

Internet2 has apparently gotten bogged down in religiosity and lost sight of the fundamentals of networking.

Yes, because a brain-trust of experts from 200+ universities and vendors like Cisco and IBM all lost sight of the fundamentals of networking... at the exact same moment, and it lasted for a period of years.

* On Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the world-wide web:

[Tim Berners-Lee is] either an idiot or a fraud.

Yes, I'm pretty sure that's how the history books will call it.

* On Lawrence Lessig:

It’s always seemed to me that Larry Lessig had an unusual beef with authority, and now I know why: As head boy at a legendary choir school, Lawrence Lessig was repeatedly molested by the charismatic choir director...


Larry Lessig didn’t invent the Internet, and he’s proved to me that he doesn’t understand how it works in many on-line discussions, so let’s leave the poor old man out of the discussion.

It's a wonder Lessig could serve as professor of law at Stanford, founder of the Center for Internet and Society, former Harvard law faculty director, as well as former law clerk for Judge Richard Posner and Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Poor old man doesn't understand concepts like freedom and the Internet, you see.

* On the irrelevance of the opinions of the Internet founding fathers -- Vinton Cerf, Bob Kahn, et. al. -- on the discussion of net neutrality:

Now it’s certainly true that the Internet that was designed back in the 70s by Cerf, Kahn, Clark, Postel and the others was simply a best-effort network that was mainly concerned with downloading files... But it’s also reasonably clear that TCP won’t be the protocol of the next 25 years, because it’s extremely poor for doing the things that people want to do on the Internet today...

Like search, perform bank transactions, buy stuff, and comparison-shop. You know, all of those things that don't work on the Internet today.

* On Internet founding father Vint Cerf in particular:

[The] Internet Evangelist takes all the credit... Vint Cerf’s letter to Congress on COPE displays some remarkable arrogance...

No snide remarks. Just: Wow.

* On the incipient demise of master blogger Glenn Reynolds (aka "Instapundit", one of the most popular blogs in the world) -- circa 2002:

Is Instapundit over? ...As the sixth-leading blog, Instapundit isn't exactly the king maker he was when he was the second-leading linker last November...

True, he's not a king maker. He's a blogging god.

* On Craig's List founder Craig Newmark:

Is Craig Newmark a big fat lying liar? The following would indicate that he is.

Big? Fat? Lying? Liar? That's world-class, Franken-esque vitriol!

* On (one must assume) the Christian Coalition:

...With Republicans getting on the grandstand and moronic religious nuts joining up, things are looking bad for the evolving Internet...

If looking bad means we get continued innovation at layers 4-7 without predatory gatekeepers, then sign me up!

* On technology blogger Paul Kapustka:

You're not a network engineer, are you Paul?

No, but he's a writer.

* On maintaining the status quo  of FCC-enforced
net neutrality:

...[it] would be nothing short of a disaster for all of us who create or use networks...

So far, about 99.75% of us haven't found the current state of net neutrality a disaster.

* On, well, little old me -- who asked why the words block, impair, or degrade (taken directly from AT&T's anti-net-neutrality website) could not be written into the COPE Act:’re a shameless liar. This exact language* is in the COPE Act that was passed out of the Energy and Commerce Committee last week...

You can check the 'exact language' here. I've been accused of many things before -- some of them deservedly -- but 'shameless liar'? That's a first!

Bask in the genius of the vitriolic network god! Bask, I say!

p.s., I will say this for Mr. Bennett. He's smart, knows networking, and is passionate (on the wrong of this issue, though). But, oh snap, is he vitriolic! I will readily admit he is entertaining to read, however.

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