Sunday, May 07, 2006

Kids Programming Language to go Open Source

The KPL (Kids Programming Language) will go open-source this summer, according to NewForge. KPL is a freeware development environment, which currently requires Windows. KPL is designed to be a fun way to get kids engaged in software development and concentrates specifically on game construction. Jon Schwartz, creator of KPL, asks the following questions related to the OSS version:

  • What platforms or technologies would you like to see KPL run on?
  • Are you using KPL v1.1 now, on Windows?
  • Are there communities where you could help spread the word about KPL as an open source project?
  • Are you a software developer who would work on KPL if it were open source? What language or technologies would you work with if you are?
  • What open source community or platform would you recommend for KPL v 1.1 as an open source project?


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