Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: 234,088 migrants encountered at southern border in April, most in a century

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 • 234,088 migrants encountered at southern border in April, most in a century Anna Giaritelli
 • Shape-Shifting DC Group Disguising Liberal Campaigns Across U.S. Alana Goodman
 • Three Korean women shot by Black male at Dallas hair salon Jesse O’Neill
 • The Takeover of America's Legal System Aaron Sibarium
 • Latest Instance of Joe Biden’s Handlers Giving Him The Hook Is Maximum Cringe Sister Toldjah
 • Put a Fork in Portland PJM
 • Musk: Twitter 'deal cannot move forward' unless CEO proves bot estimates Victor I. Nava
 • Cruz, First Amendment Win at Supreme Court in Campaign Finance Case Hans von Spakovsky
 • New NY congressional maps look rather dismal for Democrats Jazz Shaw


 • What California loses in population it makes up for in bad, inflationary ideas Examiner
 • California Law Requiring Women in All Boardrooms Ruled Unconstitutional Jerry Wilson
 • Tax Filings: Black Lives Matter has over $42 Million in Assets Eric Lendrum

Scandal Central

 • Patrisse Cullors's brother among BLM's two highest-paid employees Andrew Kerr
 • The end of the Supreme Court's authority? Jazz Shaw
 • Sussmann jury selected as Durham makes rare appearance Jerry Dunleavy


 • Good Riddance, Jen Psaki Drew Holden
 • Twitter Take on Why 'Waukesha' Is Trending Shows Exactly Why We Need Elon Musk and a Little Sanity Nick Arama
 • Sorry, Leftists, Medieval England Wasn’t Black Douglas Blair


 • Kamala Harris train wreck continues, this time at ASEAN Summit Rajan Laad
 • The Effect of China’s Authoritarian COVID-19 Lockdowns Min-Hua Chiang
 • Sweden shoots down Turkey's objections to NATO application Joel Gehrke

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • The pandemic worsened teenage depression Examiner
 • Israel’s Watergen provides ‘water-from-air’ units to medical facility in Syria TOI
 • Senator booed during commencement speech for referencing 'existence of two sexes' Max Thornberry


 • 'I need a drink!' Antiques Roadshow guest gobsmacked by value of UK war hero's medals Express
 • Why Are Watches Usually Set To 10:10 In Advertisements? ZH
 • 5 Ways Johnny Depp Lawyer Wrecked Amber Heard on Cross-Examination Megan Fox

1 comment:

MMinWA said...

After Article 42 is dropped, Homeland Security says we can expect 550,000 illegals per month. I wonder when Jim Jordan will notice.

I also wonder when there will be a...pushback(?)