Thursday, May 12, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Get ready for more blackouts, thanks to Democrats’ suicidal climate grift

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 • Get ready for more blackouts, thanks to Democrats’ suicidal climate grift Jazz Shaw
 • Judge Eviscerates Russia Hoaxer Marc Elias For Aiming To Undermine Elections Jordan Boyd
 • Democrat open borders: US passes 1m overdose deaths since records began Guardian
 • 49 Senate Democrats Vote for Extreme Abortion Bill Suzanne Bowdey
 • In Los Angeles, a Breakdown of Civilization Jarrett Stepman
 • The Left Is ‘Coming for Your Children’ Rep. Jeff Duncan
 • Imagine the Unimaginable Victor Davis Hanson
 • Biden Starts Shouting at Union Audience About Desperate Hungry Families CTH
 • Sen. Manchin Questions DIA Berrier; DIA Confirms We are in a Proxy War With Russia CTH


 • Biden's inflation fantasy Byron York
 • Biden FDA shut down America's largest baby formula plant. It’s been closed for 3 months. No explanation. Daily Mail
 • It’s Illegal, but Pro-Abortion Protesters Still Target Justices’ Homes Signal

Scandal Central

 • Bill Clinton's special advisor who let Jeffrey Epstein into the White House seven times dies at 59 Daily Mail
 • House Republicans Call for Probe of FBI Raid on Project Veritas Fred Lucas
 • WHO director calls China's zero-COVID policy 'unsustainable' and gets censored for it John Sexton


 • These Anti-Semitic Activists Don’t Want Elon Musk To Bring Free Speech to Twitter WFB
 • Reporter Recounts What He Saw Covering 2020 Riots Douglas Blair
 • Biden chooses a divisive election truther to speak for his administration Zachary Faria


 • Finland's leaders announce intention to join NATO alliance Victor I. Nava
 • Biden administration runs ads in Central America asking migrants not to come Anna Giaritelli
 • Mixed messages from top China leaders show hints of split Times of India

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • The future factions in space become clearer Robert Zimmerman
 • Texas law that allows users to sue social networks for censorship is now in effect M. Moon
 • Here’s what your avatar’s first day of work will be like TNW


 • The Reluctant Explorer This American Life
 • Victims of Florida condo collapse reach $997 million settlement Asher Notheis
 • Throwback Thursday: The Guy Who Once Sold His Own Driveway is Now Your President Diogenes

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The Gipper Lives said...

An Opened Letter to Our Concertina Congress:

Dear "Honorable" Coin-Operated Congressperson;

As Americans and as your employers, we write today to ask you one small favor;

Could you please treat us as if we were Ukrainian politicians, illegal aliens and Chinese Politburo-members?

That way, you will send us unlimited billions in cash and weapons.

You will give us international bellhop service and free airfare.

And you will suck our dicks and drop everything to take our phone calls.

If it's not too much to ask.