Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Memorial Day in a Divided Nation

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 • Memorial Day in a Divided Nation Sultan Knish
 • A New Spygate Timeline @KingmakerFT
 • Honor the fallen by making better decisions than Joe Biden Examiner
 • New York is betraying rape victims Julie Bindel
 • Video shows men holding down, beating Asian man in NYC subway station Allie Griffin
 • More Shoes Drop in the Paul Pelosi Arrest Story Nick Arama
 • The Trouble With Do-Somethingism on Guns David Harsanyi
 • Mich. Locals Pushing For Strict ID Voter Laws OneAmerica News
 • Yeshivas send thousands of letters pushing back against draft state oversight rules Post


 • Federal Agencies List OPM
 • Summer Flights Will Be Delayed, Thanks to Government John Stossel
 • New Biden Inflation Plan Does Little to Reassure the Little Guy Bob Hoge

Scandal Central

 • Hunter Biden laptop confirmation confirms Big Tech's bias Examiner
 • Barr says Durham uncovered 'seditious' activity Daniel Chaitin
 • No, Senate Republicans, the FBI Does Not Deserve a Raise Julie Kelly


 • Joe Rogan has done more to restore public health than the CDC, FDA, and NIH combined. @RemnantMD
 • Movie 'Capitol Punishment' Tells Stories You Won't Hear From Jan. 6 Committee Rob Bluey
 • The Trump Charlottesville Lie Just Won’t Die Larry Elder


 • The Road to Genocide Aaron Sarin
 • Bennett publishes seized documents he says prove Iran spied on UN atomic watchdog TOI
 • US Army May Be ‘Equitable,’ but Not Ready for Combat Thomas Spoehr

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Head of Facebook's fake science fact check group is 'hiding in Paris, terrified of appearing in court' Attkisson
 • New Study Finds That Long COVID May Not Actually Exist DC
 • 3,400-year-old city from ancient empire revealed as river level drops Adam Hunt


 • “The American’s Creed” by William Tyler Page. Sung by AD reader Jen Logueflower American Digest
 • Washington’s Hidden History Fred Litwin
 • “Hell Frozen Over” Diogenes

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