Friday, May 13, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: The Gospel Of Nancy Pelosi

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 • The Gospel Of Nancy Pelosi Tyler Durden
 • Whistleblower claims show Biden attempted to silence parents, conservatives say Jeremiah Poff
 • Diesel Fuel Squeeze Sets Stage for Next Biden Created Crisis CTH
 • Migration invasion has worsened despite Biden's pledge to address 'root causes' Anna Giaritelli
 • Lifting Title 42 Will Accelerate Migrant Invasion Fred Lucas
 • Ilhan Omar Lets Her Anti-Semitism Slip Again Robert Spencer
 • Marjorie Taylor Greene, Food Security is National Security CTH
 • Pennsylvania GOP Primary Brings Out All The Club Moves CTH
 • Louisiana lawmakers withdraw bill declaring abortion homicide Al-Reuters


 • Producer Price Inflation Continues Surging at 11%, Food Now 34.8% Annually CTH
 • Rand Paul Blocks Fast-Track Senate Vote for $40 Billion Additional Ukraine Funding CTH
 • Florida to Teach Students About Evils of Communism. Some on the Left Aren’t Happy About It. Jarrett Stepman

Scandal Central

 • Fusion GPS loses its fight over "privileged" documents Techno Fog
 • Fusion GPS must hand over docs to Durham, but he can’t use them at trial Jerry Dunleavy
 • Republicans Say They Have Proof FBI Targeted Concerned Parents, Despite Garland Denials Kendall Tietz
 • J6 Committee Issues Subpoenas to Five House Republican Members CTH
 • Well, That Didn’t Take Long: Outlets Dig Up Many Conflicts of Interest for New Press Secretary. DrillDown
 • Netflix Goes Scorched Earth on Woke Employees RS


 • Meet the Head of Biden’s New “Disinformation Governing Board” Lev Golinkin
 • Liberal groups push Big Tech to increase censorship during midterm elections Nihal Krishan
 • ‘Making Lemonade’: Mark Esper's rationale for defying the will of his commander in chief Jamie McIntyre


 • Great Wall of Naval Targets Discovered in Chinese Desert H I Sutton
 • White House: US supports NATO application from Finland and Sweden Katherine Doyle
 • Food Riots Hit Iran ... Are We Next? Stephen Green

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Biden’s ‘Kill Switch’ For Every Car Threatens Our Freedom Of Movement TPI
 • Crypto Fanatics Learn 'Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Basket' Lesson the Hard Way Mike Miller
 • Remember that first picture of a black hole in our galaxy? We took it TNW


 • The Hard Left and Populist Right Agree on All the Wrong Things Stephan Jensen
 • The Progs: They Hate the Church More Than They Hate Life Itself American Digest
 • New San Diego Ordinance Changes the Definition of 'Woman' Bob Hoge

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