Friday, May 20, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Is Biden's 'success' our mess?

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 • Is Biden's 'success' our mess? Victor Davis Hanson
 • Fleeing dysfunction: Blue states cannot stop us from escaping their insanity Gilbert T. Sewall
 • Low-staffed Border Patrol 'begging' former agents to come back Examiner
 • OH: Buffalo Shooter Was a Marxist COVID Kook Who Wore a Hazmat Suit to School PJM
 • Lori Lightfoot, Kim Foxx slammed by 911 dispatcher: 'City is done' Taylor Penley
 • Atlanta PD arrests activists trying to block construction of 'cop city' John Sexton
 • America the Miserable Julie Kelly
 • Senate plays Stump the Secretary: Are gas prices too high? Ed Morrissey
 • Census miscounted populations of 14 states and the breakdown is interesting John Sexton


 • Biden has no idea how to fight inflation. And we'll pay the price Times
 • Senate Democrats’ Letters Show FDA Knew About Baby Formula Issues Last Fall, but Did Nothing Douglas Blair
 • Psychologist Explains Long-Term Effects of Masking, Social Distancing on Kids Virginia Allen

Scandal Central

 • Day 3 of the Sussmann trial - Baker testifies Techno Fog
 • Reluctant Witness Devastates Defense Claims In Special Counsel Criminal Case Margot Cleveland
 • Baker wouldn't have met with Sussmann if he admitted he was representing Clinton Jerry Dunleavy
 • Handwritten Notes From 2017 Show FBI Agents Misled DOJ On The Trump-Russia Investigation Federalist
 • Trial testimony: Clinton campaign did not authorize FBI meeting with lawyer with Democrat ties C. Ryan Barber
 • Social media giants brace for lawsuits thanks to Texas anti-censorship law Nihal Krishan


 • World's worst slip of the tongue Byron York
 • Carl Cameron: Maybe It's Time To Start Taking Names And Putting People In Jail For Misinformation RCP
 • Triple digits: Biden hits 100 days without a media interview Haisten Willis


 • China’s Censors Aim to Contain Dissent During Harsh COVID-19 Lockdowns Sarah Cook
 • Russian strike on Ukrainian bridge raises stakes in global food crisis Joel Gehrke
 • Wheat Export and Food Security: Where Does India Stand? Madhura Swaminathan and Deepak Johnson

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Starliner spacecraft jets to space station after two-year delay Abigail Adcox
 • Apple Shows AR/VR Headset to Board in Sign of Progress on Key Project Mark Gurman
 • The quantum menace: Quantum computing and cryptography Matthew Tyson


 • Reacher Star Alan Ritchson Reveals Which Book Season 2 Will Follow TV Line
 • 'Most valuable car' sold by Mercedes-Benz for $142 million Elizabeth Faddis
 • Karen Magazine Cube

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