Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Partisan Democrat Census Bureau Undercounted 5 Red States, Overcounted 6 Blue States

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 • Partisan Census Bureau Undercounted 5 Red States, Overcounted 6 Blue States John Binder
 • Hunter Biden's laptop is 100% authentic, forensic examination concludes Andrew Kerr
 • Hunter Biden swiped personal info from his family's phones, laptop data suggests Examiner
 • Who commits hate crimes and other commentary Post
 • The emergence of the Congressional Pogrom Caucus JNS
 • ISIS plot to kill Bush 43 broken up by FBI (hopefully it wasn't another Whitmer) The Shill
 • Record Georgia turnout exposes the Democrats' voter suppression lie Examiner
 • Data Shows White Supremacists Are Not The Most Likely Mass Murderers John R. Lott
 • Penetrating the Blue Wall John Kiriakou
 • 19 killed by shooter at Texas elementary school (Update) John Sexton
 • Report: Texas Shooting Suspect Purchased His 2 Rifles Legally Breitbart
 • Is John Fetterman covering up the extent of his health crisis? Hot Air


 • Canadian Multinational Executive Outlines Tech Initiative to Create Consumer Carbon Footprint Tracker CTH
 • Immigration Disappears From Kamala Harris’ Public Schedule Philip Wegmann
 • How the big banks fell to climate panic Spiked

Scandal Central

 • Most Don’t Know it Was Andrew Weissmann Who Publicly Released Carter Page FISA Application… CTH
 • Sussmann Trial: Comey’s FBI Lied To Its Own Agents In Russia Hoax Cover-Up Jarrett
 • FBI Leadership ‘Fired Up’ over Trump-Russia Evidence, Demanded Probe Despite Rank-and-File Agents’ Doubts Isaac Schorr
 • Search Warrants Served at AZ Nonprofit in Connection to 2020 ‘Ballot Trafficking Election Scandal’ Carter
 • Sussmann case witness said Trump-Russia research made him ‘uncomfortable' Jerry Dunleavy
 • Race-Based Illness at the Best of the Best Mark Bauerlein


 • NY Mag: "Soul-searching" Dems wonder about the future of "visibly aging" Biden Ed Morrissey
 • Elon Musk vs. The Malthusians David Harsanyi
 • ‘No Way’: DeSantis Rejects Biden Admin’s Decision to Defer Pandemic Policy to WHO Jon Dougherty


 • Hacked Xinjiang files reveal China's Uyghur genocide details: 'Just kill them' Fox
 • Is Putin Committing Genocide in Ukraine? Alexander J. Motyl
 • Top 5 moments the World Economic Forum showed its hand Blaze

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Déjà Vu All Over Again: China’s Wuhan Lab Does it Again. First Covid now Monkeypox! Swier
 • Stilled life: Why did farmers flee a homestead in the Galilee 2,100 years ago? TOI
 • Dyson's been secretly working on robots that do household chores Engadget


 • Jan. 6 Committee's Dramatic Kabuki Theater Ready To Interrupt Primetime For Nation's Couch Potatoes Diogenes
 • Aye Aye Skipper ~ 1 Woodsterman
 • Pelosi’s Setback Earl of Taint

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