Monday, May 23, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Biden bunko blows up with stock market

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 • Biden bunko blows up with stock market David P. Goldman
 • Right Now The Republican Party Is A Multi-Racial, Working-Class Party RCP
 • Jeffries: 'Decisive' Democrats don't need to consider new leadership Max Thornberry
 • Ken Cuccinelli Warns of Catastrophe if Title 42 Rescinded at Border Douglas Blair
 • Prosecutor: Gascón retaliated by dropping felony case against protesters Bill Melugin
 • 78,000 pounds of baby formula arrive on first flight of 'Operation Fly Formula' Christopher Hutton
 • Buffalo shooter's manifesto shows cross-pollination of Leftist antisemitism Elder of Ziyon
 • Dems Interfere in NV GOP Primary to Stop Trump-Backed Candidate Breitbart
 • ‘Like an ostrich’: Cotton slams Biden’s take on Chinese tariffs as inflation help Heather Hamilton


 • Right and Wrong Ways to Reform the University LI
 • Woke Medicine: A Prescription for Disaster WFB
 • HSBC suspends banker for realistically assessing climate hysteria FT

Scandal Central

 • How the Sussmann trial revealed Hillary Clinton’s role in the Alfa Bank scandal Turley
 • Oof: Mueller-Weissmann Investigation Never Interviewed Clinton Campaign Manager Robby Mook CTH
 • Latest Cases of Election Fraud Underline Need for Vigilance and Action Katie Samalis-Aldrich, Hans von Spakovsky


 • House passes “Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act” targeting Americans’ thought, speech Eric Utter
 • Joe Rogan introduced to Thomas Sowell LFR Family
 • Netflix Cracks Down on Employee Activism. Is Woke Capital in Retreat? Jarrett Stepman


 • How China is racing ahead in weapons Full Measure
 • Davos 2022: What to expect from the World Economic Forum's most consequential meeting in 50 years David Walsh
 • 78,000 pounds of baby formula arrive on first flight of 'Operation Fly Formula' Christopher Hutton

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Monkey Pox: Truth versus Fearporn. Robert W. Malone
 • As the World Runs on Lithium, Researchers Develop Clean Method to Get It From Water GNN
 • Largest US high-tech facial recognition software rolled out at Miami Airport LifeSiteMedia


 • Fetterman released from hospital after stroke and surgery Christopher Hutton
 • Sen. Chris Van Hollen discharged from hospital after suffering stroke Emily Jacobs
 • Rhesus Pieces Stilton’s Place


commoncents said...

Crypto Celebs Silent As Market Melts Down | Billionaires Get Ready To Trip At Davos

Average Joe Bro said...

Apparently Biden thinks using the American military to stop an invasion is a good idea, except of course an invasion of our southern boarder....