Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Best of PoliPundit

I just broke out in a spate of snickering and, dare I say it, outright laughing, over the latest news blurbs from PoliPundit. Here's a taste, but be sure to read their group blog. Every day.

Here’s a report that will not be featured – assuming it even sees the light of day – over on cBS/NBC/ABC/CNN/MSNBC/NPR: "[National] Guard plans to expand amid recruiting boost"

* * *

Do you enjoy watching Ted Kennedy yelling futilely, as he watches conservatives taking over the Supreme Court? Video here. Enjoy.

* * *

Here’s the official press release about the MediaCrats’ pathetic filibuster attempt from the Moonbats over at Alliance for Justice. Ironically, they’re quite correct about one thing:

Americans will feel the impact of [Justice Alito’s] nomination for years to come.

No doubt. As we’ve mentioned quite often around these parts, Justice Alito is likely to remain on the High Court – beating the lingering vestiges of leftism utterly senseless – for at least 25 years to come.

* * *

John ("Davos") Kerry managed to get a grand total of 24 other MediaCrats to join him in that silly fund raising, er, filibuster ploy. Cute, huh?

In any event, the cloture motion passed, 72-25-3. Justice Alito formally will be confirmed to the SCOTUS tomorrow morning. At only 55 years of age, Justice Alito will be helping to eradicate the vestiges of leftism as national public policy long after they finally get around to removing those wax figures of Pat Leahy, Ted Kennedy…..

Hold on a second.




Those are *not* wax figures?


He’ll be on the SCOTUS for a long time, Chomsky.

So, get used to him.

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