Monday, January 16, 2006

Someone pinch me: Katie Couric blasts Senator Bombast

Hold up just a second. You say, Katie Couric hounded Senator Joe Bombast on Good Morning America? What will become of the mediacratic institutions? What will become of the children? ... the children...

RadioBlogger has a great perspective on the GMA tiff:

This morning, at 7:04AM Eastern time, Senator Biden appeared with Katie Couric on the Today Show for about eight minutes. Katie grilled Biden over the personal attacks by some on the Judiciary Committee, causing Mrs. Alito to leave the hearing yesterday in tears. Biden immediately deflects, saying he wasn't in the room when she cried, and saying the system (the hearing process into judicial nominees) has broken down.

First of all, for Joe Biden to say the system has broken down is like an arsonist coming out of a burning building with a spent match in his hands, saying wood is bad because it's flammable.

p.s., The Political Teen has the video.

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