Friday, January 27, 2006

Dowd: Clinton a "Poignant and Endearing" Liar

The egregious Maureen Dowd was visiting (where else?) the Keith Olberbat show which -- if Nielsens are a measure of health -- is in the ICU and fading fast. The issue? Lying Presidents. Ding ding! We've got a winner: Bill Clinton. And Dowdy is somewhat infatuated with the ex-Prez; when Clinton lied, it was "poignant and endearing":

No, they're two entirely different things because when Bill Clinton would deceive, he would throw in a semantic clue that let you know he was deceiving. 'I did not have sexual relations with that woman.' We knew what he meant by that. You know, 'I did not,' about dope, 'I didn't break the laws of this country.' So it was sort of poignant and endearing. He would let you know he was lying, and then the right wing would come down so hard on him and overpunish him. And in the case of Bush, he's just in a completely different reality. You know, they call us the 'reality-based community,' and they create their own reality, and so Bush is just in a bubble. And when you're in the bubble, you don't know you're in the bubble.

Ain't it the truth? The bubble part, that is. Someone's in the bubble, all right, and it ain't George W. Bush.

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