Thursday, July 13, 2006

Boycott the New York Times

Long ago, the Times' public editor Daniel Okrent answered the question, "Is the New York Times a liberal newspaper?" His response was, "Of course it is."

In the most recent edition of Talking Points, Bill O'Reilly pointed out some additional metrics regarding the Times:

The publisher of The Times, Arthur Sulzberger, believes the Bush administration is a danger to the world. He's convinced the president is using the War on Terror to turn America into a totalitarian state bent on enriching the powerful and violating the rights of every day people.

Sulzberger's put together a staff of true believers like himself. And they are bent on undermining the Bush administration. Not watching it, undermining it.

Three political columnists for The Times -- Maureen Dowd, Bob Herbert and Frank Rich -- wrote a total of 156 columns on the Bush administration in the past 18 months. Every one, all 156 were negative.

...[The Times] simply says it is exposing an incompetent president. But the truth is far more insidious. There is a far-left press jihad going on in this country. That's the truth. Their ideology prevents them from understanding true evil. Their theoretical outlook would make it impossible to win on the battlefield.

The title of O'Reilly's piece: "When Living in a Dangerous World, You Must Know Your Enemy." But: 156 anti-administration stories in a row? Maybe it's just a coincidence. And maybe penguin commandos will invade Canada and pillage Toronto.

O'Reilly has a point. Does any sane person doubt that extremists plot further attacks on New Yorkers? High-profile targets include Manhattan's subways, buses, tanker-trucks, neighboring refineries, tunnels, bridges, and high-rises -- to name but a few. But the Times can't be bothered to investigate or comment upon the enemy's plans.

Instead, it concentrates on disclosing a swath of classified Government programs, ranging from rendition to SWIFT. Furthermore, its news and analysis pieces have attempted to justify its behavior. Laughably, other articles even question the Government's rollup of terror attacks that are in the planning -- and not execution -- stages.

Furthermore, incidents that appear in the mainstream press (e.g., the 500 WMD found in Iraq since 2003) are censored and ignored by the Times in a self-righteous zeal to wage information warfare against Americans and New Yorkers specifically.

It is one thing to have opinions and spin the news. It is another thing altogether to censor the news, to damage national security, and -- in the end -- to ultimately harm the American people by withholding news and information in a manner reminiscent of Pravda circa 1960.

Boycott the New York Times. New Yorkers deserve better. Americans deserve better. We deserve the truth.

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