Saturday, July 29, 2006

Comedic interlude: flashback to the Daily Show, 2004

From the Daily Show, the day after John Kerry was nominated as the 2004 Democratic presidential candidate. Host Jon Stewart flashed to reporter Steven Colbert, who was ostensibly standing in front of the White House:

Jon Stewart: Kerry could pose a serious threat.
Steven Colbert: [Talking like a biblical prophet, skies turning red behind him] Threat Jon? Threat? Tread carefully, newsman, lest your impudence embroil you in the coming battle tide. For the day is nigh when the armies of Rove shall come alive to claim their due. For lo! it has been foretold that the son of the forty-first king shall himself twice be crowned! The treasuries will be emptied! The ads unleashed! And the blue states will run red with the hundred million dollars of hellfire and retribution!

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