Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Words of Wisdom from Mark Steyn

The eminently readable Mark Steyn appearing on the Hugh Hewitt show (hat tip: RadioBlogger, whose fingers must be bloody stumps from all the transcript-typing):

...in 20 years time, they'll ask us what we were doing in the year 2006. Some of us were worried about radical [extremists], and some of us were worried about Al Gore's global warming, and the voting machines, and Dick Cheney. And one of us will be right, and the other will be wrong. And the reality of this situation is it's nothing to do with Bush and Cheney. It's happening in India. It's happening in Israel. It's happening in Bali. It's happening in Russia. It's a planetary-wide problem, and it's nothing to do with Bush and Cheney stealing chads, or any of this other rubbish they go on about...

This is exactly why I wrote the article entitled "The Stockdale Paradox."

London, Beslan, Mumbai, the World Trade Center, Islamabad, Haifa, Madrid, the Pentagon... the list goes on and on and on, growing every day.

But maybe the problem will simply go away if we ignore it. After all, that seems to be the obstruction opposition party's take.

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